The motto of the town of Okotoks is “Historic Past, Sustainable Future,” and this young and thriving community is one of the first municipalities in the world to establish a development plan that focuses on self-sufficiency and sustainable living. Even Okotoks Alberta Real Estate follows these principles, with the community’s collective decision to maintain a good balance of affordable homes for sale in Okotoks for its residents. The community’s efforts have definitely paid off—Okotoks has achieved a population growth rate of 46% since 2001, and is now home to approximately 17,145 residents.

Okotoks, near Calgary Alberta Real Estate, is nestled snugly in the Alberta Foothills, along the Sheep River Valley. This picturesque location provides residents of Okotoks, Alberta real estate with a beautiful and tranquil place to live, where the town’s inhabitants are actively involved in making their town cleaner and greener, which makes these the best kind of homes Okotoks has to offer. Okotoks’ development program includes conservation of natural habitats, and revitalization of existing parks and landscapes, to ensure the fresh natural beauty of the area is preserved. This is a convenient place to live, as well as a beautiful one. The town is just 18 kilometers away from Calgary, and around half of Okotoks’ residents work in the nearby city.

Homes for Sale Okotoks
The community spirit in Okotoks is simply incredible. The town has not only enhanced its historical legacy via careful preservation of heritage buildings, but is also actively working to make the town a wonderful place to live for generations to come. In their effort to improve the homes Okotoks has to offer, wonderful additions have been made in the past decade, including two new schools, a community center, health facility, performing arts center, and expanded library, for the benefit of all residents. The town’s commitment to maintaining a wide selection of property types has ensured that interested buyers of homes for sale in Okotoks Alberta Real Estate are able to choose property that suits their requirements. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance condo, a family home, or an apartment, you’ll find what you need in Okotoks.

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